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Drilling down into the end-user market for BI, analytics and data visualisation

Having identified Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualisation as the tech category that is most used by the fastest growing businesses compared to other businesses in our Tech Impact ’19 report, we took a look last week at the channel partners market within the category. Among other things, our platform identified 496 channel companies with a significant focus in the area and an average gross profit in the last year of 32.78%.

This is useful background information, but we also pulled out five of the fastest growing channel partners in the category for a more detailed look at them. Naturally, this sort of information can be very valuable to vendors and distributors seeking to target potential new channel partners that might then grow in value, particularly when based on the specific search criteria of the vendor or distributor.

This week, we wanted to look at the other aspect of the market – the end-users. Again, using criteria that we set, we’ve been able to look at an overview of the end-user market for BI & Data Visualisation, as well as pull out some of the most significant end-user businesses.

The sector

We identified 858 end-user businesses for BI & Data Visualisation tech, with an average revenue last year of £1.6 billion. That may sound high, but the top five end-user businesses by revenue within the category will show why:

  1. Legal & General Group PLC (£49B)
  2. Accenture PLC (£99B)
  3. Barclays PLC (£70B)
  4. BT Group PLC (£72B)
  5. Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. (£95B)

These are big businesses making major decisions and are keen for the best possible insights for making those decisions. In short, there’s a lot riding them. As we’ve touched on, though, resellers may be more interested in the potential opportunity shown by end-users with strong growth:

  1. Triad Retail Media UK Ltd. (1,387.3%)
  2. Big Society Capital Ltd. (722.8%)
  3. PayPal (Europe) Ltd (525.7%)
  4. Roli Ltd. (414.8%)
  5. Bloomberg Trading Facility Ltd. (396.9%)

Here, we’ve pulled out the five fastest growing end-users, but we could easily have qualified that further by putting a cap on turnover, or looking at a certain area of the country only, or identifying companies that use a specific technology. Or, for that matter, all of those things.


For now, though, let’s take a closer look at Triad. Why is its growth so high? And what does it use BI & Data Visualisation tech for?

Pulling the info from our platform, we can see that it’s a media, creative and technology ad partner for retail businesses. As an ad firm aimed at retail, much of Triad’s work involves using data to optimise both customer experiences and ad returns. This is where its use of BI, analytics and data visualisation comes in – a point backed up by the company’s reference to its “proprietary stack of data and tech solutions.”

Formed in 2004, Triad saw relatively modest revenue growth to around £1 million in 2015, before posting revenue of £15 million in 2016. Looking at related news articles, we can see that Triad was acquired by Xaxis in 2016, explaining the injection of funds. For potential partners. We can also see that Salesforce was tracked as being part of its tech stack as recently as last year.

All of this can, of course, be valuable pieces of information for channel businesses looking for potential new customers or even new partners.

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